Barbot Moçambique – Indústria de Tintas, Lda

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  • Barbot Moçambique – Indústria de Tintas, Lda
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    Barbot Moçambique – Indústria de Tintas, Lda
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    Construction Materials
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General information

A GROUP THAT UNITES MANY POINTS OF THE WORLD – Group Barbot is currently present in three continents – Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Luxemburg), Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea) e America Latina (Peru). Currently includes eight companies, with performance in the production and commercialization of paint and varnish for the Civil Construction and Industry.

The eight companies (brands - Barbot Portugal, Jallut, Barbot Angola, Anpal Madeira, Barbot Cape Verde, Master Paint, Barbot Mozambique, Anpal Angola) form a solid group and work together for an increasingly international future. Currently, BARBOT MOZAMBIQUE has in its display a plant with a productive capacity of 7500 Ton per year and a shop located in one of the main arteries of Maputo, 24 de Julho Avenue, counting still with a network of dealers throw the country.

A company which operates in many segments.

Providing services to the civil construction industry (facades, decoration, thermal and acoustic insulation and pavement).

In the industry (light and heavy mechanical engineering, metallography, industrial dyes).


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