Guaranteed water availability

02 Oct 2023

The availability of water for consumption in the country is guaranteed in the next two years. The guarantee is from Ara Sul, an institution that reveals, however, that there are dams that were damaged in the last rainy season.  

Recurrently, the rainy season has caused flooding and consequent significant losses to families in all regions of the country.

However, because this problematic period begins in October, the Regional Administration of Águas do Sul - Ara Sul, calls for precautionary measures.

It was to assess the likely impacts of the 2023/2024 rainy season that Ara Sul met on Friday and ensured water availability in the country until 2025.

For now, work is underway to correct anomalies identified in dams in the last rainy season.

However, to minimize the damage, Ara Sul appeals to the population in flood-prone areas to take action against the warnings issued.



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