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  • Triman Arquitectura e Urbanismo Lda
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    Triman Arquitectura e Urbanismo Lda
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Triman Architecture and Urbanism is a brand of the consulting company Triman Habitat Ldt, with headquarters in Maputo, Mozambique.

Founded in 2012, Triman Habitat, Ldt is a firm of young architects dedicated to the development of infrastructures in Mozambique, being the housing its main focus, since its improvement constitutes still a big challenge for the company.

A mission of Triman Habitat, Ldt is to ensure that the Mozambicans have an adequate housing, contributing to their well-being, indicating a direction for the development of the country.

Triman Habitat Ldt centres itself in providing quality services to fit the needs of its clients, gaining their trust and prestige.

Our spectrum of projects encompass housings, hotels, condominiums, workshops and others. Triman Architecture and Urbanism had the opportunity to design the recently inaugurated party room “Carllota” in Folha Verde (Matola), which is currently in biggest one in Mozambique. For more information about our projects please visit our website


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