Terrametric, Lda

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    Terrametric, Lda
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    Equipment Rental (+ )

General information

Terrametric is a Mozambican company focused on Topographic equipment sale of the Trimble and Nikon brands and also provides geomatics solutions, accessories, maintenance and training for its use.

Terrametric supports and provides products in all provinces of Mozambique, directly and indirectly, with the aid of a selected network of dealers and agents. Our solutions incorporate a wide range of positioning technologies, including GPS, GNSS, laser, optical and inertia, together with the latest software applications and wireless communication technologies.

Through OPTRON we offer a variety of world-class training options designed to meet your needs and schedule. A powerful, effective and interesting way of learning, Blended Learning combines traditional face-to-face teaching with an online training, for example, tutorials, web-based webinars / webcasts on innovative demand and learning tools, all delivered in a variety of different ways.

Brands: TRIMBLE and NIKON 


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